The Five Best Things: May 1, 2021

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It’s May 1st, and we are well on our way to summer.

As you may be aware, India is currently in the throes of a terrible second wave of Covid-19. Cases are climbing exponentially every day, the hospital system has collapsed, many large cities have reinstated lock downs and oxygen has run out. How did it get so bad, when just a few weeks ago things seemed to be under control? Premature relaxation, lack of preparedness, and a glacial pace of vaccinations.

Thank you to those who checked in on me and my family; if you would like to help, I suggest donating via the Give India website.

It was very jarring to hear the initial U.S. response harken back to the Trump America First era; after two days of negative coverage, there was backtracking and this statement issued from the office of Vice President Harris, herself of Indian origin.

The Five Best Things

  1. Ray Dalio: Biden = Roosevelt (The Analogue) and Noah Smith: Bidenomics, explained

  2. River’s Educational Channel: OpenAI-powered Linux shell uses AI to Do What You Mean

    • Backed by Open AI’s GPT natural language Machine Learning models, someone developed a Unix shell with a wrapper that interprets natural language commands and turns them into actual unix commands. The demo below is really cool, including the bit where they send a rickroll to Jeff Bezos..

    • Of course the shell prompt is “aish” for AI Shell, which means I have become one with Skynet.

  3. Everett Randle: Playing Different Games

    • Tiger Global, a venture capital firm has been in the news of late for their fast and aggressive investing style. This piece makes the case that while institutionalist venture capitalists might pooh-pooh Tiger’s approach today, they will soon find themselves disrupted by the capital velocity moat that Tiger is building.

      On the contrary, we are seeing the emergence of a new velocity-focused strategy in the venture/growth asset class that will fundamentally change the way that venture capital is raised. By breaking many long-held but outdated rules & norms of venture/growth investing, Tiger has developed a flywheel that enables them to offer a better/faster/cheaper product to founders while generating more $ gains than their competitors. Tiger is eating VC, and with the right context, I think it’s clear why.

  4. Texas Monthly: Fifty Years Ago a Texan Changed Happy Hour Forever

  5. Chris Paik: Frameworks v0.2

    • A great set of mental models and frameworks for making decisions in the midst of ambiguity. There are several concepts synthesized from economics, math, physics and psychology in this short but dense document. It took me a while to get through, because at every section I paused to map back to analogous situations in my life and career. I think this is a document I will refer back to for many years going forward.

Honorable Mentions

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