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About me: I’m currently a Product Manager in Google Cloud’s AI Products group. Previously, I was the lead Product Manager for systems and software at Cerebras Systems, where I helped build the pioneering Wafer Scale Engine and CS-1 Deep Learning acceleration solution.

I have an MBA from the University of Texas-McCombs School of Business, where I was a Venture Fellow at BuildGroup and Mercury Fund; here I gained hands-on experience in developing investment themes, conducting due diligence, valuation, and assisting portfolio companies, and worked with internal AI and data science teams to conceive and deploy machine learning projects at scale.

Prior to my MBA, I received a Masters' in Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and held leadership positions within product and research groups within the smartphone industry (Qualcomm, Samsung R&D) as a computer architect.

I was fortunate to witness the explosive growth of the smartphone and tablet markets first-hand and was a member of high visibility + growth teams that collectively delivered over 1 Billion chips to users.

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